Listing in the winter…

The clocks have turned back, the sun sets earlier now and a Halloween weekend snow storm reminded all of us that winter is fast approaching. A widely accepted perception is that home sales drop off dramatically during the winter months and it is generally not a great time to list your home. Is this actually the case? If you are thinking of taking your home off the market to ride out the winter, or if you are considering waiting until spring, there are a few things to consider before making that decision.

There are benefits to listing your property throughout the winter:

1.     Interest rates are still at historic lows. Lenders can determine what interest rates are currently available to individual customers. Armed with that information, potential homebuyers can search for homes at Each listing features a detail page that includes a mortgage calculator that illustrates what the monthly payment will be. The current lower rates give buyers more spending power, which also may help to sell your home.

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Red House Winter med1 150x112 Benefits to Listing Your Home During the Winter Season


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20 Years of Experience in Northern Westchester & Putnam Markets. I have a mastery of staging those unique homes to get top dollar through expressive presentation and promotion. Personal: Lifelong resident of Northern Westchester & Putnam Counties Parent of two sons Retail Natural Food owner 1979 - 1999
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